Ship Recycling

Environmental Aspects

The recycling process starts immediately upon entering a contract with “BaijnathMelaram” (BM) for recycling services.

Sampling of environment sensitive material can be carried out prior to arrival or upon the vessels’ arrival at Alang. This sampling process helps catalogue and understand the material onboard such as asbestos and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) this determine the recycling process and work flow chart necessary to remediate the material and recycle the vessel. These places are properly marked so that workers are aware of the possible hazardous waste in that area. Once in Port, specialized staff are assigned specific tasks on-board the vessel in order to safely accomplish the recycling process.

After the Beaching process, following process is followed :

  • Oil is removed from the tanks using secure pipelines.
  • Oil is then sold to Certified Vendors.
  • Complete Vessel is inspected by the company’s Safety officer.
  • After the completion of Oil removal and Cleaning of tanks using proper oil spillage Equipment, we obtain a certificate from the Government Authorities who give us the permission to start dismantling of the vessel.
  • Accidental Oil Spillage can be collected easily without contaminating the soil.

Meanwhile, before Dismantling the Ship, following Hazardous waste management systems is used:

  • Based on the markings done during Inspection by our certified Asbestos Abatement Supervisor, Asbestos containing material (ACM) is properly removed from the Engine Rooms as well as other places.
  • During the removal process, workers are being provided with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
    • Boiler Suits
    • Safety Shoes
    • Eye Protection Gear
    • Gloves
    • Non return valve based gas cutting equipment
    • Dust control masks
    • All the personal protective equipment used is of appropriate safety marks of national and international standards.
  • ACM received from ship is dismantled in Asbestos abatement centre.
  • ACM material is then sprayed with special fluid to ensure that material is soft in nature and does not become friable during abrasive handling.
  • ACM material is then collected in Plastic bags which is kept in asbestos storage area and sent to Treatment Storage and/or Disposal Facility (TSDF) site very next day.
  • Asbestos containing material is then heat sealed in airtight bags & disposed it to TSDF land fill site as soon as possible.

Few Additional Precautions for our workers are as follows:

  • RO Purifier Installed for drinking water
  • Emergency Eye wash equipment
  • Emergency Shower equipment
  • Life as well as Health Insurance